By: Brad Wilson

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Today’s guest on the show is Adam Kreek (Online, he lives at:

Adam is an olympic rowing gold medal winner, 3 time world rowing championship winner, 6-time world rowing cup champion, Ted talker, author, keynote speaker, executive business consultant, and all around good guy … The guy is a freaking stud who I believe is capable of anything he puts his mind to.

What really stood out to me about Adam is that he has an energy and excitement about him that’s tangible. It’s pretty much impossible to hear him talk, listen to his stories, hear his wisdom and hard-earned life lessons and not want to set big goals for yourself and climb the closest and tallest mountain you can find.

I find that when you have the rare opportunity to hear someone whose words can strike you like a lightning bolt and give you a new perspective on the short time we have on this planet … you simply can’t pass them up … they don’t happen often enough.

“What makes you mentally strong? Being physically strong. When you feel strong physically your brain comes along for the ride.” – Adam Kreek

To say I’m excited to share this conversation with you is a massive understatement … Adam and I discuss the importance of coaches in our lives, how to create systems that hold us accountable even if we’re big and lazy (Adam’s words about himself), why you probably shouldn’t drink absinthe in the Swiss Alps after a world-class rowing competition, and so much more.

Without any further ado, I give you my conversation with Adam Kreek.

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Show Notes:

0:20 – I heard that you have an authentic cowbell from the Swiss Alps … can you tell me how you managed to get the cowbell?

10:25 – Adam’s guilt for letting down his team and feeling hyper-restricted by the high performance environment.

13:40 – The turning point in Adam’s olympic aspirations.

15:25 – Dealing with a crushing defeat at the Athen’s olympics after winning the world championships.

17:05 – What was different about the Beijing olympics that allowed you to come away with the gold?

20:00 – Could you tell me a few of the advantages of having a world-class coach in your life and, secondly, how do you use and apply those lessons you learned in your life today?

24:05 – What’s something related to training that you used to strongly believe but you’ve recently changed your mind and what led to that change?

26:15 – How do you train in your daily life for energy?

29:20 – How do you keep yourself accountable when you’re on the road, in hotels, away from your circle of people?

33:38 – One concept that you talked about in your book is using the energy of stress in a positive way. Could you tell me more about that?

34:25 – The nerves and energy Adam felt before giving his TedTalk.

35:15 – Using deep breaths to do amazing things.

35:42 – Breaking down a state of flow.

36:25 – If somebody wants to breathe deeper and incorporate that habit into their life as a daily practice, what would you suggest very specifically they do?

38:20 – What’s something related to performance that people waste a lot of time on that doesn’t give them a lot of results?

40:15 – What software do you use on a daily basis to make your life easier?

41:55 – What does your daily food and supplement intake look like?

43:15 – What the determination as to those extra supplements?

44:48 – What does your evening routine look like?

47:00 – So you’ve touched on the kids. How do you maintain your daily routines, your daily stuff, keep up your output with the kids running around causing chaos?

50:05 Are you a rabid fan of any blogs or resources online and, if so, which ones specifically?

50:52 – Are there any books that you re-read every few years and, if so, which ones?

51:45 – If there’s one truth that you could help my listener’s understand about life, what would it be?

52:25 – What are some resources on suffering that they could look up?

53:50 – Where can my audience find you on the interwebs?

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