Adrian Walker – How To Figure Out If You’re On The Right Path and Avoid Being Caged

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Today on “The Process” podcast I have with me Adrian Walker. He’s the founder and CEO of

The typical label for Adrian would be venture capitalist and entrepreneur but after getting to know him better, I would say that he’s a creator. Whether it’s art, business, or a mixture of the two … the act of creation and then overcoming all of the unforeseen problems that inevitably rise up are what allows his soul to breath.

If you’re open, you’re creative, you wanna go out there and build something, things will happen that you don’t anticipate and doors will open.” – Adrian Walker

In our conversation we discuss:

  • Leaving a job in corporate finance where he was on pace to be a top 10%-20% earner in Switzerland to make way less money pursuing his passion.
  • His very real fear of stagnation (And checklists).
  • How to shake it off like Taylor Swift and grow thicker skin when it comes to facing outside criticism regarding your life and creative ventures.
  • And much, much more.

Without any further ado, here’s my conversation with my friend … the brilliant and daring Adrian Walker.


Show notes:

02:35 Tell me about being a musician and playing the piano.
03:54 How did it make you feel when you got through performance and got to hear the audience’s reaction?
04:51 – Did you ever get surprised? Did you ever feel like you had an off performance but the audience enjoyed it?
06:04 The different unexpected responses from audiences.
08:57 Did you ever have a negative reaction from the audience?
10:10 Did you ever imagine getting anxiety before a performance?
10:53 – Number one fear.
12:29 Being the best that we can be without comparing ourselves to others.
14:19 – The unrealistic picture of life mainly portrayed on social media and online in general.
16:10 – Can you tell me why you decided to be an accountant as opposed to pursuing a professional pianist career?
19:21 – How did you feel when you graduated as an accountant in 2011?
20:31 – What do you make of that feeling?
21:42 – Transitioning towards getting an MBA.
22:57 – What does making partner mean from a financial standpoint?
24:54 – Can you tell me about your love for experiencing things creatively and creative things?
28:11 – The fear of stagnation.
29:23 – Can you tell me about getting involved in startups as a VC?
30:19 – What was the idea for that startup?
39:26 – Can you tell me how you met your wife and your relationship?
41:37 – Tell me about that transition from the corporate life to running a startup with your life.
47:44 – The great experiences BoatAffair gives people.
49:03 – What does your typical morning routine look like now in the startup space?
51:09 – What do you specifically look for in your social media feeds in the mornings?
52:37 – How do you block out social media throughout the rest of your day? What steps do you take?
54:45 – What does your evening routine look like?
58:51 – Do you help your team members untether so that they can have time to be rejuvenated and not burn out, and how do you go about that as a leader?
1:03:02 – What’s one of your current large goals that you’re working towards right now?
1:04:34 – How does it make you feel when you see people using your platform and connecting to share these experiences?
1:06:04 – Do you have any books that you re-read every few years, and if so, which ones?
1:07:52 – What wisdom would you impart on a 20-year-old carbon copy version of yourself listening to this interview?
1:10:08 – When you experience negative criticism that is unfounded from a human being, do you take any steps to disassociate yourself with those human beings?
1:13:14 – Have you ever strongly believed something only to reverse course later on in life, and if so, what led to that change of belief?
1:14:56 – If you could share one truth with the world, what would that truth be?
1:16:12 – Where can my audience find you on the worldwide webs?

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