By: Brad Wilson

The Top 5 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode: How to take responsibility for our actions. How to listen to the voice inside your head that wants you to heal. How to overcome your inner negativity and do your best despite self-doubt. How to reconcile with yourself all of the suffering that goes on in the world. How daily meditation creates a more empowered self.
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Within just a few minutes of speaking with Barb Schmidt, it’s easy to see why she has such a rabid following that numbers in the millions.

When it comes to the struggles she has faced throughout her life, Barb doesn’t pull any punches.

She openly speaks about growing up with alcoholic parents, her feelings of low self-worth, and her battle with the eating disorder bulimia.

“The most important relationship we have is with ourselves.” – Barb Schmidt

The reason I’m bringing up Barb’s struggles is a very important one.

It’s the lesson that behind every single one of the strongest people in the world, there are also the remnants of massive struggles.

When gaining physical strength by lifting weights you literally tear your muscles.

You put your body through trauma.

And then you rest, your body heals itself, and you wake up stronger than you were before.

The same concept is true in our lives.

Inner-strength is forged through heartbreak, failure, disappointment, and tragedy. It’s created through the trials and tribulations of our human experience.

So if you have stumbled upon this page and your personal struggles are very real … bear in mind this message:

While it won’t be easy, you’re going to wake up one day in the near future as the strongest version of yourself you have ever been.

Barb Schmidt is one of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure to talk to and I know that after you listen to my conversation with this hopeful, wise, and inspirational human being you’ll have no choice but to agree.

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Show notes:


Barb’s early life … Dealing with dysfunction and chaos with no friends in what she felt was an atypical family.


How perception can often be different from reality.


How Barb did in school and the effect her home life had on her becoming a high achiever.


How old was Barb when she first started working at McDonalds (Her 4th job)?


How old was Barb when she got her first McDonald’s franchise?


Why you probably won’t be able to own a McDonald’s franchise at 23 years old like Barb but also how to take advantage of opportunities that exist today.


How the world has changed just in Brad’s lifetime (He’s 34).


The question Barb’s student’s ask her the most, “How do I stay in the present moment?”


Misconceptions about meditation and what meditation really is.


Giving yourself a second to ask yourself, “Is this true?”


How pausing or taking a split-second to step back can sometimes mean life or death.


Taking responsibility for our actions. Mindfulness equals choice equals happiness.


Pursuing a McDonald’s career despite any objection from Barb’s family.


What is the equivalent of $125/week in the mid 70’s on today’s dollars?


Find what you love, no matter what it is, and you will excel at it. How McDonald’s brought forth who Barb really was.


What are the benefits of being an introvert or a more introspective person?


How do you think being an introvert gave you an edge in your McDonald’s career?


The major difference between introverts and extroverts.


How did Barb go about building her McDonald’s businesses and have 4 franchises by the age of 26?


Barb’s idea of “making it” when she was growing up.


Suffering. Barb was living the American Dream by all reports, so why was she still unhappy and sad?


The beginning of Barb’s struggle with an eating disorder.


Barb’s wake up call and the beginning of the healing and recovery.


Listening to the voice inside your head giving you the wisdom to wake-up and take care of yourself.


Barb’s internal struggles leading up to the bulimia and how the disorder makes you feel in the beginning.


The truest words ever spoken, “Our lives are mean to be happy. Everyone is seeking happiness.” – Dalai Lama


Barb’s experience in the treatment center and dealing with being totally isolated.


Pinpointing the moment where Barb had a breakthrough and the healing began (Very powerful story).


Uncovering a huge root cause of Barb’s suffering and unhappiness.

“The most important relationship we have is with ourselves.” – Barb Schmidt


Do you still struggle with your thoughts and how do you deal with overcoming them?


Brad’s struggles with wanting to be the “best” in his endeavors and dealing with imposter syndrome.


Barb on doing your best despite self-doubt, growth, and being ok in the moment.


What do you think gives people the most bang for their buck as far as cultivating happiness and joy? And Barb’s definition of happiness.


How long should we sit still and connect with ourselves everyday?


How do you deal with maintaining the priority to meditation and pushing the things that need to be done back?


The science behind meditation, all the health benefits, and how meditation empowers you.


The deep feeling that came over Barb during her early days of meditation that changed her life.


You’ve had 100’s of teachers in your life. If you could limit it to just a couple, who would they be?


How do you resolve the suffering all across the world within yourself?


Parkland and Activism: Human rights, civil rights, women’s rights.

Barb’s favorite teachers for inner practice and social practice: Thomas Martin, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, MLK Jr., The Dalai Lama.


How did you feel about Parkland? What were the emotions that spurred you into motion and told you that you needed to act?


How Barb is supporting the community of Parkland.


Brad’s thoughts on gun control and Parkland.


Why meditation is key in keeping the humanity in all of the tragedy that occurs in the world.


Brad’s challenge to the listeners.


Checking in with yourself, getting to know yourself … living your life and making choices based on who you are.

“I am a scientist, my life is a laboratory.” – Barb Schmidt


The number one regret of the dying.


Brad’s thoughts on the struggles living a life authentic to you.


What are some tools you use on a daily basis that you can’t live without?


How taking daily self-care makes you more happy, resilient, and vibrant.


Barb’s reflection exercise to end her day.


In the last 5 years or so, is there anything you staunchly believed that you reversed course on later? And what led to that change?


Have you had any assumptions (conscious or unconscious) that you reversed course on?


How do you go about seeing the good in person when, for all intents and purposes, you don’t see it on the surface?


If people want to find you, where can they find you?

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