Let’s Connect (Maybe)

When I first started this venture, I remember jumping around in our hotel room and high-fiving my wife when a guest agreed to come on “The Process”.

As I go through my own processes and learn about what I want and need from this venture, one thing stands out more than anything else:

I only want to work with people whose purpose and call to adventure aligns with my own.

I have developed very high standards for the guests that I have on my show for one simple reason:

When we work together and form a relationship, I’m going to go to war for you.

I very much want to be a raving fan of all of your current and future projects that allow your soul to breath.

It brings me happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

So if you want to come on a podcast where you can bring out your timer, talk for 60 minutes, and completely forget it ever happened … this is not the show for you.

But if you want to invest some time and energy into preparation and getting to know me better, we will create an extraordinary thing today and benefit one another far into the future.

If you still want to connect, contact me at: Brad@MentallyInvincible.com



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