Dave Hollis – Following Your Heart and Starting New Adventures

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Today on “The Process” I have with me Dave Hollis.

Earlier this year Dave, despite the advice of his mentors (Which is kind of a theme for Dave’s career), quit his job as the head of worldwide distribution at Disney (Which you may or may not have heard of)  in order to become the CEO of The Hollis Company, formerly Chic Media.

The Hollis Company is the enterprise that Dave’s wife, Rachel, has painstakingly nurtured and grown for the last decade.

Now I know you might be imagining a balance scale in your mind’s eye right now thinking, “Disney … Hollis Co … DISNEY … Hollis Co.” BUT in case you aren’t familiar with Rachel’s work … let’s dive in a little:

Her book “Girl Wash Your Face” has sold over one million copies and she’s the host of not one but TWO of the top podcasts in the world … The Rise podcast and The Rise Together podcast (With Dave as the co-host).

Her audience is in the millions and millions, she’s a house of fire with audacious goals like being the female Tony Robbins and filling the shoes of Oprah that you can’t help but believe WILL come to fruition.

“If someone has a problem with you being a better version of yourself, they are not a person that you should have sitting in the front row of your life.” – Dave Hollis

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Dave has so much love and passion for helping to grow The Hollis Company.

And as he very firmly believes (and we discuss in-depth in our conversation), as human beings we can only experience growth in areas of life where we are less certain.

So to anybody listening out there who’s on solid ground and considering wading into choppy waters fraught with risk, I can promise you one thing: Whatever your experience, you will grow from it and come out of the other side an improved version of yourself.

In my conversation with Dave, we dive into:


  • Dave’s career path through Disney and transition to The Hollis Company.
  • How his experience dealing with the foster care system has given him and Rachel a lifelong pursuit.
  • How the Hollis’ stay amazing parents despite chasing legendarily massive goals
  • And much, much more!

To listen to my conversation with Dave, click any of the icons above or stream it directly from your browser.


Show notes:

0:00:50:5 – How old were you when you first started working at Disney, and what was your why?
01:51 – Why did you have ten different jobs in 10 years?
03:44 – What was the technology?
07:17 – Why did you go against your mentor’s advice as a younger man?
09:05 – Tell me about your mentors’ thoughts on you deciding to take up the CEO role at The Hollis Company.
14:03 – How is working with Rachel and how is that helping you to live up to your potential as a human being?
22:28 – Their great working relationship and how they complement each other.
24:22 – How in the midst of pursuing all these audacious goals do you manage to stay exceptional parents while at the same time pursuing the goals?
28:32 – How were they changed when they came back from camp?
34:57 – Could you tell me why you and your wife had it in your hearts to be foster parents? What are some of the unexpected benefits of having the kids in your lives?
41:31 – Challenges in the foster care system.
45:08 – The opportunity for gratitude and growth based on the experiences we go through in life.
46:33 – What’s something that people might be surprised that you think you’re horrible at?
46:53 – Do you play any sports?
47:32 – What’s something that people focus a lot of time and attention on that doesn’t give them any results?
48:47 – What to you is your job in a relationship if not to make the other person happy?
50:37 – Have you ever strongly believed something in life only to reverse course later on, and if so, what led to that change of belief?
59:45 – If you could share one truth with the world, what would it be?
1:00:47 – Where can my audience find you on the worldwide webs?

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