Donnie Boivin – How Starting a Podcast Can Transform Your Business and Change Your life

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Hey there boys and girls, this is the host of “The Process” podcast Brad Wilson.

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On today’s episode, I have with me Donnie Boivin. Donnie is the creator and host of the top 50 business podcast, “Success Champions”.

Earlier this year Donnie was at a crossroads in his life. He was getting those uneasy feelings in the pit of his stomach regarding his career that so many of us can identify with.

“Success, however you’re gonna find it, it’s all between your ears.” – Donnie Boivin

At a business convention and on the verge of buying out another business that would have locked him in place for the foreseeable future, Donnie capitulated and decided that he just couldn’t go through with the deal.

He had reached the point in his life where he was ready to start betting on himself. And that is exactly what he has done in 2018.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • Donnie’s transition to entrepreneurship and the one thing that he credits with saving his business.
  • How his podcast (Donnie’s Success Champions) has changed his life and business.
  • How he bears down and keeps moving forward even when he has massive internal struggles.
  • The misconceptions and challenges of entrepreneurship he’s had to overcome

And much more.

Without any further ado, here’s my conversation with Donnie Boiven.

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Show notes:

0:00:05.4 – Could you tell me what led up to the decision to join the Marine Corps?
01:34 – What did your parents think?
04:02 – A person’s growth over time.
04:27 – What did you get into when you got out of the Marine Corps?
06:13 – How did you learn about sales?
06:59 – What kind of drugs were you using and why?
08:43 – What was the catalyst that led to the change?
10:44 – How did it make you feel when he told you that?
11:51 – Were there any veterans that you worked with that openly talked about being veterans?
13:49 – How do you think bosses or leaders can do a better job of dealing with veterans?
15:05 – What happened that made you decide to work harder?
17:46 – What were the first steps to working on you?
18:48 – Can you tell me about the influence that your wife had on you growing up?
23:13 – How did you deal with people telling your wife the negative things about you when you were dating?
24:57 – Tell me about getting your sales job, feeling unhappy and the transition from sales to being a business guy.
28:47 – So you walked away from the 7-figure deal?
29:01 – What were you doing and what was your plan?
32:01 – What was the advice you got from your friends and mentors?
34:19 – What did you do to get on so many podcasts?
38:23 – Coaches who coach because they can’t do anything else.
41:51 – How did finding podcasts change things for you in the coaching realm?
43:09 – Podcasting: The experiences.
48:40 – Embracing being a business owner.
49:55 – Creating systems and processes that are not dependent on the business owner.
52:54 – What does a typical morning routine look like for you with your podcast and business?
56:09 – Mastering gratitude and the profound impact that it can have on one’s life.
1:02:16 – The importance of unplugging and having certain productive days.
1:09:47 – How do you break through to believe you’re worth $80,000?
1:14:15 – Fear of failure and overcoming it.
1:15:54 – What’s a project you’re working on that’s very near and dear to your heart?
1:20:25 – What advice would you impart on that younger version before you got the sales job?
1:25:03 – What’s something that you used to strongly believe but you’ve recently changed your opinion, and what led to that change?
1:30:03 – Where can everybody find you on the worldwide web?

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