By: Brad Wilson

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Take a second to imagine this scenario.

You quit your job.

You move to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and only know one person (your husband).

Your funds are running low.

You don’t have any experience writing.

You aren’t techie.

You want to create a platform that highlights women business leaders.

This was “The Process” podcast guest Elaine Rau’s real life situation.

She made her first sale within a week of launching her website.

She managed to publish 2 pieces of content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for over a year without doing any of the writing herself.

Since inception in late 2016 she has managed to build her blog’s ( to more than 100,000 adoring fans!

“You can do way more than you ever think possible in the situations where you think the least of yourself.” – Elaine Rau

How exactly did she do it?

What does her daily process look like?

Find out right this second by listening to my interview with Elaine Rau on this episode of “The Process”.

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The Top 5 Things You’ll Learn in this Episode: What people miss when it comes to monetizing your blog or creating content. How to choose the exact content to create day after day that your audience will absolutely love. How to promote your blog or online resource. The systems and processes Elaine uses to make sure her interns (This can be applied to freelancers as well) are successful. How to create and build a relationship with an influencer in your niche.

Show Notes:


How did you make a sale within your first week of business that showed you that you can make your living as a blogger?


For somebody that doesn’t have a sales background, what would you suggest as far as getting better at sales and building up an immunity to all of the no’s.


When you moved to the states from Taiwan, where did you move and how old were you?


What did you go to college for? (It wasn’t business or anything to do with tech)


Elaine’s first job out of college and making her way into sales.


Was selling a natural thing to you?


How did you get to Chicago after growing up in Michigan?


What’s something that when you first got into blogging you used to do or believe that you would caution against now?


One thing that surprised Elaine when she was trying to launch her blog.


Do you have any go-to resources for how-to’s or tutorials?


What are some things people miss when trying to monetize their blog or what they’re building?


When you say promoting something in affiliate marketing, what does that entail?


As related to blogging, what would you consider a weakness you have and what steps do you take to overcome that weakness?


What was your process for coming up with the questions you had for the people you interview on


When to transition from your initial idea.


Did you ever have imposter syndrome as it relates to giving advice and being new on the scene?


As far as future projects or maybe pivoting to something else within your niche, how do you go about identifying opportunities and then figuring out which ones are worthy of investing a significant amount of your time into?


In your ideal work day, what time do you start your day?


As it relates to food prepping, what is your husband’s process?


Do you find food prepping reduces impulse purchases at the grocery store?


You workout 4 days per week, could you tell me about that process?


Why Elaine initially hired a personal trainer and how she gained confidence in the gym on her own.


What does an ideal morning routine look like for you?


What do you check specifically on your phone in the morning?


How long does it typically take you to get to work after rolling out of bed?


Do you write down ideas that come to you in the morning? (Identifying bad ideas from good ideas and then acting on the good ideas)


As relating to LadyBossBlogger, if you could only accomplish a couple of things each morning, what would they be?


How do you go about choosing what content you’re going to create on a daily basis? (How to use your audience to determine what you’re going to create)


Elaine explains how to auto-post on Instagram without paying for an auto-scheduler.


What time Elaine schedules to release her posts on all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, email, etc.).


How do you go about editing your writing (Do you do it before lunch, after lunch, the next day, etc.)?


As far as outsourcing or delegating, how do you go about it and what specifically do you outsource or delegate?


How do you go about finding interns?


What tasks are reserved for the back half of your day?


“Broadchurch” plug (Go watch it now!)


As related to managing your interns, what systems or processes do you have in place to make sure they’re successful?


Have you ever had to fire any interns?


What’s a typical evening for you? Do you deal with work-related stuff in your afternoons and, if not, what systems do you put in place to click work off?


Do you read a lot or how do you go about further learning?


Are there any influencers that you follow as related to courses?


If you’re wondering, “How do I build a relationship with an influencer or course creator?”, we have an answer.


(Blogging doesn’t have to be lonely.) Collaborating with your community and creating opportunities for yourself.


What steps do you take to build your community and how do you help your audience find opportunities


Do you have a task list that you create for yourself on a daily basis?


What tools (software, etc.) do you use specifically on a daily basis that give you the most bang for your buck?


Why ConvertKit vs. the other email services out there?


Elaine talks about creating simple emails that convert.


The design tool Elaine discovered after 15 influencers recommended it in a row.


Are there any skills that you’ve recently learned that you can’t imagine living without today? And how did you go about learning those skills?


Do you read any specific books on writing or any specific content?


When you’re out of your comfort zone, what do you do to push through with your work?


Where do you think your discipline to always follow through comes from?


If there was one truth that you could make everybody understand (or more specifically your audience), what would it be?


If you could access a time machine and visit your 21 year old self, what advice would you give her?

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