By: Brad Wilson

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Today’s guest on the show is Emily White (Online, she lives at: Collective Entertainment).

Emily sells out arenas; she’s been on the cover of Billboard magazine; she has managed some of the most talented people in the music industry; she’s an author; entrepreneur; executive; and champion of human rights.

Quite simply, she’s a force of nature.

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“The best way to not let people get your attention past office hours is not to give it to them.” Emily White

In my incredible and value packed conversation with Emily, we discussed:

  • Why sleep is the secret weapon in her success.
  • Why she tries her best to cook and eat locally grown foods (Even though cooking is NOT one of her superpowers)
  • How she would solve the gender pay imbalance if she had ultimate authority
  • The #iVoted campaign she started that hosts free and awesome concerts for voters and is spreading across the country like wildfire
  • And much much more!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy my conversation with Emily White.

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Books Mentioned:

interning 101 by Emily Whitesteve jobs walter isaacson emily white suggested readingthings that make white people uncomfortable by Michael Bennett

Show Notes:

0:14 – Keeping a positive perspective seems to be a very natural thing for you and it has served you well throughout your life and career. Is that a natural skill and could you tell me a story from your childhood that better helps us understand the influences that has shaped your worldview?

1:49 – If you ever do feel negative, what steps do you take to realign yourself?

2:39 – How would you guide someone into developing an awareness of their energy levels?

5:04 – What specific steps do you take for your bedtime routine so that you get restful and rejuvenating sleep?

6:33 – Going to bed at 6 pm and waking up 3 am … what do you spend your mornings doing because I know that has to be a pretty sacred time for you?

8:30 – How do you go about unplugging yourself at night and communicating to all the various people that are pulls on your attention?

11:17 – What advice would you give them (A salaried employee who is working unimaginable hours due to constant pulls on their attention) to have a discussion with their boss or the powers that be to give them some free time?

15:14 – I love this advice that you give to the world: “Do what you love that helps other people.”

Can you expand on that for me and give some actionable advice on how audience members can not only do what they love but also work in ways that give them the opportunity to serve their fellow man as well?

17:28 – Getting laughed at when you’re following your dreams and doing what you love.

22:03 – In a quote from you mentioned that as a speaker at a music conference (an area that Emily said has less sexism than other fields and still results in deeply imbalanced numbers) your panel consisted of 93% male and 7% female representation.

If you had ultimate authority on a board tasked with solving this problem, what are the specific actions you would take?

29:27 – I’ve read in your interviews that you’re a big fan of cooking local foods. Firstly, why locally grown foods and, secondly, could you tell me about your process for cooking and meal planning while traveling for work?

33:53 – Daily fitness. Let’s imagine there’s somebody out there who doesn’t have a daily fitness routine, what are some actionable first steps they could take?

35:53 – What would be your advice on implementing a system of accountability so that those first steps do become a routine?

38:13 – What’s a project that you’re working on right now that’s near and dear to your heart that you’d like to share with my audience?

40:14 – When you came up with the #ivoted campaign idea … I love this quote: You said, “The difference in Wisconsin was 22 thousand votes and that’s an arena and I know I can sell out an arena.”

That feels like a superpower to me. What is the process of selling out an arena?

44:45 – How did it feel when that idea (The #ivoted campaign) popped into your head?

48:30 – What’s something you see entrepreneurs wasting a lot of time on that doesn’t give them much in the way of results?

49:46 – What software do you specifically use everyday in your own life?

56:05 – On multi-tasking vs. task switching and getting things out of your brain and onto whiteboards or wide-ruled notebooks.

56:37 – Do you have any books that you re-read every few years and, if so, which ones?

57:42 – If there was one truth about life that you could convince my audience to understand what would it be and why?

1:04:10 Where can my audience find you on the world wide webs?

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