My Process for Hope: Empowering and Inspirational Stories

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The format of today’s show is a little different from normal.

It stems directly from Episode 19 of The Process podcast with author Victoria Schwab who told me that one of the most important things she does to improve her craft is to get out of her lane and read books in all different genres.

Effectively, this deepens the creative well from which she draws.

Since we released that episode with Victoria Schwab, I have made it a point to actively seek out podcasts that follow different formats from my own and I have been absolutely blown out of the water.

Human beings are capable of creating amazing, amazing things.

The internal process which drives our decisions is ultimately what ends up defining our lives. – Brad Wilson

Two of my new favorites are, “Lore” and “Philosophize This!” and I now consume them each week.

I’ve discovered that, when you’re listening, reading, or watching things from the perspective of a learner and creator (and not just as a consumer), you’re able to almost magically find and open doors you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

With that being said, today is my first foray into story-driven episodes that are woven together by a simple thread:

They give me hope for the future of humanity.

It’s easy to open your phone or computer and find yourself consumed by hopelessness and fear while reading the news headlines.

When the waves of dread sweep over me, I try to keep stories like the one’s I’m going to tell today at the forefront of my mind – I find they give my heart solace and help me stay hopeful for the future prospects of humanity.

So if you’d like to hear some of my favorite stories of all-time that give me hope, check out this episode of “The Process” with Brad Wilson podcast by clicking any of the buttons below:

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Show notes:

01:00 – Discovering awesome podcasts to consume.
01:40 – Stories that inspire hope for the future of humanity.
02:56 – Is the universe better off without us?
04:06 – Buddha’s story: A story of hope.
07:05 – Compassion for a suffering creature.
10:33 – Who are we to make a gigantic change in such a corrupt and greedy world?
17:27 – Fighting persecution and oppression: The story of Thích Quảng Đức.
21:46 – The deathbed scenario.
22:47 – All is not hopeless. We always have inside us a vast amount of power.
25:17 – Exerting the power within us to spread hope to the world.

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