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Brad Wilson

24 April 2018

Figuring out the perfect gift for the person you love the most in the world can be a pretty serious undertaking.

You can spend tons of hours searching, click through a bajillionty gift idea lists, and potentially still end up with a dud.

For my birthday last year, my wife and 2 little girls spent hours wandering around the mall trying to find something that I would love. They ended up with a big fat zero.

Instead of buying me something already in existence, they decided to make me a homemade board game (After telling me over and over very convincingly that they just couldn’t find anything for my birthday …) called “Henny’s Adventure”.

My heart swelled three sizes too big and we ended up playing it for hours and hours.

Talk about a gift I’ll cherish forever.

So, coming from a dude who is notoriously hard to buy for and has made it his life’s mission to provide people with the tools to create amazing and unforgettable gifts … I got your back.  

The plan outlined in this blog is simple, cheap, and truly unforgettable.

Today you’re going to create a homemade scavenger hunt that ends with the best prize of all … you!


Step 1: Print out one of the following images OR Create your clues by drawing rectangles on a piece of paper.


To jump start this activity, we have created a bunch of stock clues/hiding places. If you want to make setup as simple as possible, just print out the sheet that already has the clues filled in and get started (The answers to the clues are below).

If you want to come up with your own clues (Trust me, it’s harder than you might think) or use some of ours mixed with some of yours …  you can just print out the blank clue page.

 Even though each sheet has 14 clues, you really only need to use about 5 of them to make a great scavenger hunt.

Just pick the ones you like the best and throw the rest away.

Remember to keep one clue separate from the others so that it can be used to start the hunt.

To save images on mobile press and select “Download” or “Save image”. 

To save images on desktop, right click and select “Save as”.

Clues with answers:

Clues without answers:


Think outside the box,
Where things come out warm and cozy,
This is where you’ll want to mosey.

Answer: The side of your dryer.


At first it was a pony,
Then it was a snail,
The place where things get delivered, without fail.

Answer: The inside of your mailbox.


Are you starting to get into the zone?
Look inside the place,
Where gauntlets are supposed to be thrown.

Answer: The glove compartment in your car.


The land of the lost,
Where the dust bunnies roam,
Is where this clue has found a home.

Answer: Under the couch.


Rarely seen but often heard,
Love, destruction, and war,
Your portal to zombies, dragons, and more.

Answer: On the back of your TV.


Ready to go exploring?
It collect the things you rarely watch,
It’s mostly used for storing.

Answer: On the inside of your entertainment center.


Ready to come clean?
This next clue is quite fresh,
It stores things that dry the flesh.

Answer: Linen closet.


Venture to an eating place,
Hurry but don’t blunder,
Forget looking on, look under.

Answer: Underneath your kitchen table.


Don’t take this the wrong way,
I don’t mean it as a diss,
I’ve thrown everything at you but this.

Answer: Under the kitchen sink.


I’m very useful in the morning,
At the beginning of your play,
I deliver something fresh everyday.

Answer: In their underwear drawer.


I can make you happy or sad,
A great place to hide your clues,
I deliver the weighty news.

Answer: The bottom of your scale.

Step 2: Cut Out the Clues and Hide Them

Pretty self-explanatory. Don’t run with your scissors in all the excitement!

Step 3: Create the Prize (More Printables Below)


All great quests have awesome prizes.

  • The pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Limitless riches after slaying the dragon.
  • The heart of the fair maiden after vanquishing the evil prince.  

To wrap up this hunt in an unforgettable way, we suggest a dual prize approach:

1) A note exclaiming your undying love to your sweetheart. If you can’t come up with any ideas, maybe find a famous love poem and copy it down.

2) One redeemable love coupon for whatever you think he’ll love the most.

Here are some suggestions for the coupon if your mind is blanking:

– One 30 minute massage after a long day.
– Breakfast in bed.
– All of your household chores completed for you (Even scooping out the litterbox!).

Alternate suggestions for prize:

  1. A certain little love journal designed as a physical manifestation of your great love.
  2. An amazing gift you know he will be grateful for.

If you have any extra clues, hiding places, or prizes you would like to contribute … please do so in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the hunt!



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