I Am Going to Inspire 1 Million People to Live a Life that is More True to Themselves By July 14th, 2019

By Brad Wilson

Up until today, at this very moment, I have been too afraid to state my goals out loud. I have had access to too much information that has limited my expectations.

I knew exactly what I wanted, I knew exactly what my expectations were, and I knew in the depths of my heart and soul that I will do anything to get there, but I could not speak the words out loud.

To have such high expectations felt crazy. It felt taboo to even whisper while completely alone in the middle of the wilderness with no humans around for miles.

No more. Forevermore, I am going to yell my dreams from the rooftops.

As of this writing on July 14th 2018 I have released 8 episodes and have around 400 listens + downloads.

In one year on July 14th 2019, two things are going to be true:

1) “The Process with Brad Wilson” will have over one million listens.

2) I am going to make my living solely through my sponsorship so that I can focus 100% of my energy on inspiring the world.

There is another thing that will happen as well: As a celebration for realizing my goals I am going to Pamplona, Spain and run with the bulls.

Why? Because why not. I only have so much time on this earth and I want to to live a fulfilling life full of energy and adventure.

I want to be more like my guest Adam Kreek.

Moments after he had won gold in rowing at the Beijing Olympics he was standing on the dock and desperately scanning the crowd to find his wife. He wanted to do nothing else but hold her and share this amazing moment he had spent countless hours dreaming about with his person.

He finally found her in the stands across across the lake and attempted to go to her but the security guards stopped him. They told him he had to stay on the dock.

What did Adam do?

He jumped in the lake and swam across. When he got out security vainly tried to stop him once again and he barreled through them like Bo Jackson truck-sticking Brian Bosworth.

And guess what? He got to kiss his wife and share that moment with her.

How can you not admire energy and exuberance like that?

In case you’re wondering what has me inspired, earlier today and I downloaded and completely read Ruben Gonzalez’s book, “The Courage to Succeed” and I am FIRED UP!

I am burning my bridges and removing my safety net.

I have no earthly idea how I will go from 400 listens to over one million but I know it’s going to happen. If Ruben could make the Olympics in a winter sport that he started at age 21 while living in Houston, Texas then what I’m trying to accomplish will be a piece of cake.

Step #1 is sharing my bold goal with the world. From this day forward, everyone I talk to is going to know my goal. I hope they laugh, it will feed my desire and mental fortitude even more.


If you have a big goal that you’ve kept safely stored in your head I need you to tell me about it.

No, I need more than that. I NEED YOU TO YELL IT AT ME!

This is your ONE LIFE … stop playing it safe … put it all on the line!!

No one is going to live your dream for you. No one is going to hold your hand and help you see it through.  That courage, that spirit, that mental invincibility can only shine through your soul.

Do you have the guts to put yourself out there?

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