Jeff Emtman – The Art of Storytelling and the Intense Power of Belief

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On today’s show, I have with me Jeff Emtman.

Jeff is the creator of the critically acclaimed “Here Be Monsters” podcast which is an immersive storytelling experience that dives deeply into our fear, beliefs, and the human experience.

One of the many ways I have great respect (And much jealousy) for Jeff is his ability to create a three-dimensional atmosphere within an audio format that world-class. When you listen to his show the world kind of dissolves and fades away and, when it ends, there is this movie credits like snap-back-to-reality that has always held a special place in my heart.

“Belief is intensely powerful. It is much more important than fact in determining what happens or doesn’t happen in the world.” – Jeff Emtman

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How to sharpen and improve your storytelling abilities.
  • How photography greatly influences Jeff’s storytelling in a purely audio format.
  • The overwhelming power of belief and how it shapes the world around us.

And much more.

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Show notes:

02:04 – Tell me about dealing with failure and rejection.
04:08 – Why did you hitchhike across the country at the age of 22?
05:38 – Did you have any moments during that journey through the summer that were especially scary?
06:13 – What’s the longest you went without somebody picking you up?
07:17 – How did you fund that hitchhiking endeavor?
09:25 – Why were you sure that you were going to get mauled by a bear?
10:01 – Did you have a cell phone or other means of communication?
10:05 – Do you still feel that need to get out of complacency and feel unsafe?
12:44 – Tell me the role that photography has played in your life and how it led to expressing yourself creatively.
15:31 – Why were you looking to see if people’s souls left an imprint in the photos?
21:03 – What are some interesting things that you’ve found about people’s beliefs and how it shapes them?
23:24 – How does understanding people’s beliefs change the problems in the world?
28:42 – Is there anything else you do besides the eye contact?
31:15 – Do you think that traveling experience is something that every human should experience to better understand how people live?
34:59 – How did it feel when people averted their eyes from you?
39:28 – Why would they pick you up if they’re scared of you?
40:22 – Can you tell me how the podcast came to be?
41:02 – Can you tell me about getting traction and developing your storytelling ability?
43:37 – What do you mean by getting the audio the way he was talking?
45:12 – What does a fellowship entail or mean?
46:05 – How do you feel the quality of audios was when you look back on them?
47:52 – How did you continue making a living doing your podcast after the fellowship ended?
49:09 – What was the breakthrough after 3 years?
50:34 – Do you have any regrets about not doing that sooner or are you glad you waited?
52:13 – Do you currently have any large goals that you’re pursuing?
59:22 – What is your definition of soul?
1:06:50 – What wisdom would you impart on a 20-year-old carbon copy of yourself listening to this interview?
1:08:18 – What’s a project you’re working on that’s near and dear to your heart?
1:10:14 – Have you ever strongly believed something in life only to reverse course later on, and if so, what led to that change of belief?
1:12:45 – If you could share one truth with the world, what truth would that be?
1:15:40 – Where can my audience find you on the interwebs?

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