By: Brad Wilson

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On today’s show we have Matt Javit (He lives online at A few years back Matt and Nicki got the travel bug, and they didn’t get this bug in form of tenuous thought or notion that, “Yeah …. One day, once we have enough money and freedom we’ll travel the world.”

They got in an, “Okay. What actionable steps do we need to take to make this dream happen kind of way”

Those actionable steps included budgeting, making sure they came back home to careers (Money matters mmkay), selling all of their stuff, and then telling all of their loved ones their plans.

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.” – Matt Javit

So if you’ve ever wanted to know just how much money it costs to travel around the world for a year, how to enjoy yourself despite being in a different culture than you’re used to, how to react when faced with a source of constant negativity, or just how incredibly thoughtful and different the Japanese culture really is … then be sure to check out this episode of “The Process” podcast.

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Show Notes:

03:09 – How is Japan?

03:44 – Why the decision to leave everything behind for 2 years?

04:41 – What was the number 1 big dream or goal that you were working towards?

05:56 – What does a budget like that look like; for 2 years of straight travel?

09:26 – Is there anything that you’ve learnt, in your experience, that, you wish you had known before you started?

11:35 – What actionable advice do you have for people that just travel within the United States, as far as saving money?

15:37 – Doing some unexpected things, leads us to some of the more fulfilling parts of the vacations.

17:35 How do you go about cultivating, that presence, and the positive attitude, when you’re doing these experiences?

20:05 Gratitude is a good perspective builder.

22:37 – What was going through your mind, as you were leaving, on the first leg of the journey?

26:40 – What does your morning routine look like?

27:52 – What are your priorities?

31:34  – Travelling is not as overwhelming as normally perceived. It can be cheaper than one’s regular cost of living.

33:27 – You’re in Japan right now, and process, habits; you just went to the gym. Can you tell me about your gym experience?

38:00 – Why wouldn’t the cleaning and spray bottles fly in a gym in the US?

38:48 – Demonstrated cleanliness and kindness of the Japanese people.

40:10 – Japanese processes for cultivating an enormous respect for other people.

41:28 – What’s a large goal that you’re working on?

44:42 – I know that your wife is a vegan. Are you a vegan as well? (Matt’s daily food and supplement intake)

48:39 – Why the intermittent fasting? Why do you do it?

51:32 – Have you ever strongly believed something in life, only to reverse course later on, and if so, what led to that change of belief?

53:59 – How do you go about limiting your exposure to negative people?

55:22 – Has it ever led to change, when you’ve confronted somebody?

57:07 – A daily positive outlook on life and giving gratitude for the things we have every day.

59:24 – What’s another project that you’re working on, that allows your soul to breathe, that’s very near and dear to your heart; you’re passionate about?

61:02 – If you could share one truth with the world, what would it be?

61:37 – How do you go about improving how you do the little things?

1:03:17 – The significance of the little things in people’s character.

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