By: Brad Wilson

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Neta Talmor is the creator of “” and as passionate an entrepreneur as you’ll find.

Even though Neta classifies herself as lifetime entrepreneur, she’s indisputably an extraordinary teacher who personally provides massive value to anyone who’s fortunate enough to cross her path.

To understand just how much her audience raves about her, I went straight to the source and came away with the following testimonials:

“I really measure the quality of life by the ability to take naps.” – Neta Talmor

If that doesn’t get you excited about this interview, I don’t know what will.

In the following interview you’re going to learn how to make your business venture sustainable, the wasteful things online entrepreneurs sink tons of time and resources into that gives almost no results, Neta’s daily process, her method of choosing products to create that people fall head over heels in love with, and much more.

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Show Notes:

0:07 — Can you tell me about your entrepreneurial journey?

1:32 — Building a boutique hotel in the middle of the jungle with her husband.

2:35 — The unique park of all of Neta’s businesses … finding a really big need and creating a very simple solution.

4:19 — One of Neta’s favorite businesses that she started with her mother.

5:20 — How did you figure out you could get on the first page of google for wedding dresses in the UK?

6:00 — What does white hat mean (in regards to SEO)?

7:58 — Sustainability

8:07 — Why wasn’t the wedding dress business sustainable?

8:53 — Neta’s advice on what to do about SEO.

9:19 — How do you build your business in a sustainable way? What are specific actions you take today?

12:42 — The only change in Neta’s daily work life in the last 20 years.

13:08 — If you weren’t making money or didn’t consider yourself successful for 20 years, how do you define success to you personally?

15:08 — Making a little go a long way by keeping your priorities straight.

17:50 — The correlation between happiness and money.

18:35 — Was there any particular incident or thing that happened growing up that made you say, “I just don’t want a boss”?

21:04 — Growing up in a very special family.

22:40 — Jobs as a sustainable income source.

24:05 — Are you a rabid fan of any blogs or resources and, if so, which ones?

26:54 — What does your system of promotion look like?

29:10 — How do you go about choosing the facebook groups you’re going to be visible in?

31:25 — On moderaters and participation in Facebook groups.

35:42 — Do you do any outreach as far as collaboration with other people?

38:30 — What’s a book that you re-read every few years and why?

40:28 — What does your typical morning look like?

41:45 — Has (getting little sleep) always been the case?

43:00 — Creating things at night … Neta’s most focused time.

45:00 — Brad on optimal sleeping length.

47:00 – In your working life, what software do you use on a daily basis?

49:11 — Could you tell me about your process in giving customer service?

51:32 — Do you use any automation software?

53:54 — What systems do you have in place to keep you accountable on a daily basis?

58:50 — What is something you see in business that people waste a lot of time on that doesn’t give them results?

1:04:27 — As related to business, have you ever strongly believed something only to reverse course later on? If so, what led to that change?

1:08:00 — Just do the work!

1:09:55 — Neta’s thoughts on outsourcing and being a jack of all trades.

1:14:50 — What do you spend 20% of your time on that gives you 80% of the results?

1:16:52 — What marketing resources do you use and how did you go about learning how to use those resources in a way that provides good return on investment?

1:22:00 — Without relying on SEO and using Facebook ads and Google ads, how do you make sure NoHassleWebsite continues to be sustainable well into the future?

1:25:55 — Can you tell me about a big win you’ve had recently?

1:30:10 — Where can my audience find you on the interwebs?

1:30:30 — Can you tell us exactly what NoHassleWebsite is?

1:34:35 — Listening to your audience and then filling their needs.

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