Niles the Cat – Life Lessons From My Furry Friend

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Today’s episode of “The Process” podcast is a story about the life lessons that my beloved pet taught me in his short life.

It’s an unusual episode and, quite frankly, the most emotionally draining piece of content I’ve ever created.

For anybody who deeply loves their pets and know how strong the bond can be with our furry little companions, this is the episode for you.

“I sat there wishing he had the strength to do the one thing that had always driven me bananas.” – Brad Wilson

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What I’ve recently learned about growth and how it’s related to regret.
  • Why it’s extremely important to have the presence of mind to tolerate the annoying things that give the sentient beings around us joy.
  • The lifelong impact Niles left on our little family.
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