By: Brad Wilson

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Reza Rezz is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Mindset Performance Training: a company that helps high-achieving working professionals and entrepreneurs harness the power of their mindset to achieve their personal, professional and relationship goals without regressing back.

Reza created Mindset Performance Training out of necessity.  In 2015, while working as a business consultant, he noticed 2 groups of clients he worked with.

One, who would execute; while the other would point at the ‘reasons’ they couldn’t get it done.

After repeated tries, he noticed that the tips, tricks tactics just weren’t working. … there was something fundamentally missing.

“We don’t believe in quick wins. We believe in long term sustainable success.” – Reza Rezz

When he employed the help of his partner, licensed psychotherapist Victoria Larson, he started to more fully see the big picture.

To progress, his clients needed to identify and unlock the things that were holding them back psychologically.

Today, Reza and Victoria empower leaders to take charge of their internal and external world, without the guesswork of traditional self-improvement tactics that don’t get to the root problem.

So if you’re having trouble taking action on the things you know you SHOULD be taking action on you absolutely do not want to miss my conversation with Reza Rezz.

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Show Notes:

0:10 — Can you tell me what mentally invincible or mental strength means to you?

0:20 — Reza to Brad, “Can you tell me what mindset means to you?”

4:05 — The moment Reza realized he wasn’t happy with his business.

6:10 — Stopping the cycle of excuses and the blame game in Reza’s business consulting business.

7:10 — The psychology behind why people don’t do what they want/should/need to be doing.

9:00 — The three things that hold everybody back from doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

11:00 — Business sustainability … protecting yourself vs. an algorithm change.

13:20 — Why we look for solutions to the wrong problems.

17:00 — Going to the source to create real personal change.

19:00 — Worthiness as it relates to mindset change.

21:00 — How to create real mindset change.

24:20 — Creating systems and processes that enable mindset change.

25:10 — If somebody wanted to change their mindset, what does a good sequence look like?

27:22 — If the current model of therapy or mindset change is broken where is a good starting point for someone that wants to change their mindset?

28:00 — The 3 components of a mindset change that lasts.

29:41 — How to you go about creating accountability for the people that are trying to improve their lives?
“We don’t believe in quick wins. We believe in long term sustainability success.”

36:55 – Reza’s morning routine.

38:16 — Do you do any prep work the night before so you know where you’re going?

38:46 — How did you specifically choose the things that you do in your morning routine?

41:36 — Brad’s rant on companies manipulating our attention.

43:40 — The 2 things the brain is hardwired to do.

47:00 — Dealing with our inner suffering despite outward success.

50:00 — Putting yourself first … making the next part of your life better than it was before.

51:08 — What people have to have whether it’s in their job or a business.

51:57 — Are you a rabid fan of any blogs or online resources and, if so, which ones?

54:18 — What software can you not live without or use on an everyday basis?

55:41 — As it relates to networking, what do you do to make connections and nurture new relationships and what mistakes do people make when trying to connect with you?

58:11 — What does your system of promotion look like?

1:00:43 — What does a real personal connection with yourself look like?

1:05:44 — Who wins in the battle between thoughts and emotions?

1:06:50 — What’s something that people waste a lot of time on that doesn’t give much return on their efforts?

1:07:29 — What do you outsource so that you can have enough hours in the day to do what’s most important to you?

1:10:21 — What’s a book that you re-read every year or couple of years?

1:11:39 — Where can my audience find you on the interwebs?

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