By: Brad Wilson

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Today’s guest on “The Process” is Richard Sheridan.

In the late 90’s Rich was a high powered executive at a software company making lots of money.

The only problem, despite his outward successes, is that he was absolutely miserable with a capital M.

After the company he was working for was sold during the internet bubble, Rich and a couple of partners set out on a quest to create the software business they had always dreamt of working at.

That company they created was Menlo Innovations, known worldwide today for their innovative culture that is build around one simple mission … creating more joy in the workplace..

“All anyone asks for at work is a chance to work with pride.”

In our conversation you’re going to learn Rich’s exact systems and processes he and his team use to shape Menlo into the amazing company it is today.

You’ll also learn:

  • Actionables you can do in your own life to improve your relationship with your bosses.
  • The only way Rich has found to build more trust with your co-workers and teammates.
  • Why Menlo employees bring their babies to work with them and the (hilariously) unexpected benefits of that policy.
  • How to battle against the 6 sources of influence working against major behavioral changes (AKA Why the failure rate of New Year Resolutions is 92%)
  • And much, much more.

Rich is a gem and a wealth of knowledge and I hope you come away from this interview ready to embrace your inner fears and run experiments in your own life that have the potential to change everything.

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Show Notes:

03:27 – How do you personally define joy?

04:42 – Can you tell me about how you’ve cultivated that (enabling employees to maintain relationships with family and friends)…, you know made it a part of your culture at Menlo?

07:22 – How did that come about (new parents being allowed to bring their newborns with them to work)?

10:19 – The philosophy of experimentation.

12:11 – The psychology behind how we act better in front of babies.

12:36 – When you think about Menlo and the joy that you provide to your customers, your employees…, what’s the first story that comes to mind, when you think about this culture that you’ve created or that you’ve had a big part in creating?

15:05 – Companies tapping into the human resources they already have by creating better processes.

16:05 – Can you tell me about your own suffering in the workplace that sort of led you to the journey of Menlo?

21:50 – Moving past the loss of worldly things to achieve success in business in a creatively joyous way.

23:26 – The two sides of experimentation.

25:07 – Can you tell me a simple action that everybody as leaders can take, that, give people more joy in their lives?

30:43 – What are some things that people who listen to this interview can do to improve their own relationships with their co-workers and bosses?

35:34 – Outside of Menlo, can you tell me about your morning and evening habits, while you’re at home, your habits of self-care and maintaining the personal relationships?

36:49 – Why do you outsource the personal trainers?

39:45 – The easier and less costly options of building a workout plan.

42:11 – What books do you have to buy the most of? What books do you find yourself constantly replacing?

43:49 – The impact from reading the book “Leadership and Self-Deception”

45:26 – Getting out of unhealthy conflict with another person.

46:43 – The importance of committing to team work.

47:52 – What’s a project that you’re currently working on that’s near and dear to your heart?

50:43 – Have you ever strongly believed anything, in the last 5 to 10 years, and reversed course?

52:50 – What are the unexpected benefits of that kind of transparency (regarding what each team member in the company gets paid)?

57:38 – If you could share one truth with world, what would that truth be?

59:38 – Being extremely unhappy despite achieving great successes.

60:41 – Brad’s goal of impacting a million lives.

62:00 – Where can my audience find you the worldwide webs?

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