By: Brad Wilson

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Today’s guest on the show is Rocky Romanella (Online, he lives at: 3 Sixty Management Services).

Rocky is the former president of retail operations in the US for UPS … which I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, just like Ron Burgandy … is kind of a big deal. He’s also the former CEO of Unitek and, more recently, is an author, keynote speaker, and founder of 3Sixty Management services.

Quite simply, he’s a highly successful, battle-tested leader who believes in the respectful and thoughtful treatment of everyone he works with.

“If I trust someone and believe in them then I have to give them the latitude to use their ideas and use their thoughts.” Rocky Romanella

In our interview, I ask Rocky:

– What are the actionable steps a tiny company can take in order to collaborate or land a contract with a massive company like UPS?

– How to acquire and use mentor’s in an effective way.

– What would Rocky think about and spend his time and energy on if he were just a young buck today starting out but still had his leadership and business knowledge?

– What books does he find himself re-reading on leadership?

– And much, much more!

So, without any further ado, here’s my conversation with Rocky Romanella.

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Additional Resources

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Contact Information:


Books Mentioned:

Tight the Lug Nuts

The Principles of Balanced Leadership

Lessons from the Mouse Dennis Snow

Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden’s Book, A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court




Show Notes:

2:00 — Could you tell me about one of your mentors and how that relationship got started?

3:15 — Where do you think he got his leadership skills from?

4:53 –What are some exercises and actionables that people can implement in their own life to build their empathy?

6:51 — Do you find that giving yourself 24 hours to respond helps remove some of the emotions out of the equation?

10:28 — If somebody out there wanted to snag their own mentor whether virtual or in the real world, what advice would you give them?

13:26 — Putting mentorship in three buckets.

19:22 — If somebody out there wants to get a contract or collaborate with a big company like a UPS, how should they go about getting their attention or getting a seat at the table?

21:08 — How the internet allows a small business to look like a big business.

22:54 — Take a second and imagine that you’re 20 years old. You still have the business experience and wisdom that you’ve gained over your career. What are you going to focus your time and energy doing today if you’re just starting out?

26:42 — Why do you think Doctors will go back to doing house calls?

31:10 — Can you tell me about a typical morning routine for you as far as remaining productive and keeping up your health?

33:11 — What does your diet look like and do you take any supplements throughout your day?

34:19 — What’s something that you see people waste a lot of time and resources on that doesn’t give them much ROI?

37:45 — Do you find yourself re-reading any specific books on leadership and, if so, which ones?

40:26 — In the field of leadership, what’s something that’s commonly accepted as the truth that you disagree with?

43:12 — Where can my listeners find you on the interwebs?

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