By: Brad Wilson

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Today’s guest on the show is Ruben Gonzalez (Online, he lives at:

Ever since he was a kid, Ruben had aspirations of competing in the Olympics … the only problem is he wasn’t ultra athletic or, in his words, he was “just good enough to warm the bench playing college soccer. As a matter of fact, my coach wouldn’t even let me play until we were up by 2 goals.”

But one night watching TV in Houston, Texas changed everything for him … he watched Scott Hamilton win gold in Sarajevo. After seeing what Scott had overcome to be an Olympic champion, Ruben knew he had it in himself as well.

“The belief will get you started, the desire will keep you going.” Ruben Gonzalez

So at 21 years old … 11 years later than people normally start Ruben, an Argentinian living in Houston, Texas, begin his career competing in the luge.

To date, Ruben is the only winter Olympian to compete in 4 different games in 4 different decades.

Despite being a self-described “C” student’, he’s also the best-selling author of “The Courage to Succeed”, “The Inner Game of Success”, and “Fight For Your Dream”.

If you’re looking to add a shot of inspiration to your day, check out my conversation with always inspiring Ruben Gonzalez.

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Show Notes:

0:40 – Can you tell us what you do and the area you see yourself as an expert?

1:15 – What techniques do you use specifically?

3:05 Can you tell me where your mental toughness came from?

4:59 When you think about those biographies, what’s the first one that comes to mind that had a dramatic impact on how you live your life?

5:54 Using your dream as a tool for growth.

7:15 On adversity building your character.

7:41 What are some mistakes you saw people make in their olympic aspirations that contributed to them not realizing their goal?

10:10 Ruben’s inspiration for actually pursuing his Olympic dream.

11:57 The number one regret of the dying and living a life thats true to yourself.

12:52 What actionable advice do you have for somebody who wakes up in the morning and feels uninspired with the life they currently live?

16:47 Your dream has to be your dream, not your mom or dad’s dream.

17:45 Ruben as an Olympic show and tell project.

19:45 Ruben’s current Olympic aspirations

25:36 Competing in the Olympics under different teams.

26:31 How does your wife feeling about you bring a 59 year old Olympian?

28:14 Becoming known for your goal and the opportunities that present themselves.

29:25 On the Jamaican Bobsled team getting bullied at the Olympics.

When you tell people about your dreams, you’re gonna go through 3 stages: 1st they’re gonna laugh at you 2nd they’re gonna watch you 3rd they’re gonna admire you.

32:22 Controlling the controllables: Being unable to control the results, but able to control your training.

33:25 Could you tell me about an instance of a big black thing falling from the sky in your own life?

37:24 On the paralympics and overcoming adversity.

38:40 On baseline happiness levels and catastrophic injuries.

39:40 What’s something on the mental strength side of things that people focus a lot of time and attention on that doesn’t give them much in the way of results?

43:25 What’s the best advice given to you by a mentor and how did that affect your life?

47:10 Can you tell me about social pressure and how people can use that to hold themselves accountable to reaching their goals?

50:32 There’s a quote by Maryanne Williamson that kept popping into my head as I read your book “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” I’d love to fear your thoughts on that quote.

58:04 Can you describe for me an ideal day in your life?

59:17 How do you maintain working out while traveling?

1:01:02 Do you take any supplements or anything like that?

1:02:00 What sort of testing does Carlos do with you and for somebody out there that also wants to increase their healthy regimine, what action could they take?

1:04:26 How were your energy levels before and after Carlos starting doing the blood samples?

1:06:26 What software or tools do you use everyday in your life to stay productive?

1:10:20 If you could help everyone learn one truth about the world, what would that truth be?

1:13:53 What’s something you’re working on that matters a great deal to you or, in the words of Dan Gottlieb, allows your soul to breath?

1:18:35 Where can people find you on the world wide web?

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