Changing Your Life with Empathy Runs with William Pullen

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On today’s show, I have with me author, TED Talker, and psychotherapist William Pullen. William employs a unique style of therapy that he calls “running therapy”, where his sessions are conducted outdoors in the sunlight and his patients are given the opportunity to move around and get the blood flowing instead of laying or sitting on a couch for an hour.

William and I dive deeply into his practice, as well the events that drew him to therapy and wanting to make an impact on people’s lives in the first place.

“People that don’t take risks don’t get anywhere. People that don’t make decisions don’t get anywhere” – William Pullen


In my conversation with William, you’ll learn:

  • How to actionably incorporate empathy running in your own life.
  • Just how terrifying it feels to KNOW you’re giving a Ted talk.
  • Why moving forward and making decisions is way more valuable than trying to predict the future.
  • And much more!

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Show notes:

0:00:39 – How old were you when you got into working in the TV industry and what led you down that path?
01:35 – “The Intervention” TV show
02:25 – Having a meltdown.
03:35 – Was your depression intermixed with a lack of fulfillment working in TV?
04:22 – How long were you depressed?
05:38 – Can you tell me about the behavioral change that led you to escape that feeling of depression?
07:05 – The lack of resilience among the younger generation.
11:17 – How long were you in school to train to be a therapist?
11:46 – Was it your intention throughout that time to integrate running with traditional therapy?
14:37 – Did you have any fear that what you wanted to do would not work?
15:24 – Dynamic Running Therapy: What it looks like.
19:02 – How mad at you at the fifth in a row that wants to run for 50 minutes?
19:39 – The actionable process for incorporating dynamic running therapy for people who have been considering therapy or are already in therapy.
21:10 – How nervous were you in the preparation for doing the TED talk?
30:20 – A bad process beats good people.
33:34 – Asking great questions, keeping on asking questions and having the practice of curiosity”
35:14 – What’s a common barrier that keeps people from realizing their potential and what specific steps do you think people can take to overcome the barrier.
39:00 – What’s something that you find a lot of people spending a lot of time on that doesn’t give them much in the way of results?
42:02 – What’s an assumption that people make about their lives that you think they should spend some more time thinking about?
46:25 – What’s a tragic thing that you regularly see that you wish you could change?
48:44 – What’s a piece of advice you hear frequently given to other people that you disagree with?
53:17 – Are you a rabid fan of any blogs or resources, and if so, which ones?
54:56 – Do you have any books that you re-read every few years, and if so, which ones?
55:52 – What actions do you regularly take that allow your soul to breathe?
57:17 – What’s a story that you’ve always believed about yourself or the world that you’re starting to suspect isn’t true?
1:02:18 – What’s a project you’re currently working on that is near and dear to your heart?
1:04:47 – If you could share one truth with the world, what would that truth be?
1:05:11 – Where can my audience find you on the worldwide web?

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